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Cinnamon was the first project we really worked on together. We worked on it for a little less than a month, with the majority of that time spent by Wes playing around with different melodies on his piano, and Maryn messing with the piano roll on FL Studio.


github repo it's live!

Tweetvaluate is a twitter account analysis web page that we worked on for the 24 hour Southern Utah Code Camp competition. We took second place in the collegiate division, and hope to add more features in the future!

Hackbox (WIP)

github repo it's live!

Hackbox is an incremental game Wes came up with, where the objective is to gain currency from cracking hashes. We're trying our best to keep it true to real cybersecurity. This project is mostly Wes's creation, but it was the first real web development project that we've worked on together.

typeout (WIP)

github backend repo github frontend repo it's live!

Typeout was our group final project for Code School. It's a random-pairing web app intended for anonymous chat sessions. More features will be rolled out soon, as it is still a work in progress. Wes worked on the backend, while Maryn worked on the frontend with two other designers.

Web To Do (WIP)

github repo it's live!

Maryn's goal for the summer was to learn javascript and a little bit of backend programming, so Wes suggested we work on a web-to-do application. The joke here is that everyone makes a web-to-do application when they're first starting out with interactive web development.