about wes & maryn

We initially met on March 4, 2017, at a programming competition regularly held by our university. We really only talked for about five minutes total during the entire event, including an incredibly brief and awkward "I like your hair" exchange during the lunch hour. Let it be known that Maryn made the first move. After a week of no encounters, the stars aligned so that we both ended up at the same lunch event (thank you, Pizza and Politics). Maryn asked Wes for his number by sliding next to him with an open notebook that read "hi can i have your name and number? ‚ô°", to which Wes responded accordingly. We talked for nine and a half hours straight that night, and hung out for the first time the next day.

things we like to do together

places we've been

movies we've seen

shows we've binged

games we've played*

* or rather, games maryn watched wes play, and we both really like

music we love